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    Rhombohedrons lattices insulating rubber

    This product is a special modified epoxy resin coating, shape OS in electrical insulating the insulating materials on. Widely used in oil immersion type power transformer insulation and ratios between layers of the insulation. When using coating layer in the coil in some temperature drying process begins to melt, produce adhesion effect. With the rise of temperature and began to solidify, make the winding of the adjacent each layer of reliable adhesive to make a fixed unit. Epoxy resin of adhesion strength is enough to prevent short circuits in each layer displacement of the winding, so as to ensure insulation structure long-term mechanical electrical properties. Because on case insulating rubber OS resin coating is pointlike, to ensure the oil immersed and insulating material of gas discharge of, effectively avoid corona put a draw, so as to ensure the safety of the structure, reliable insulation.


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